Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life's Choices

Have not posted in a while due to new addition to family-my new baby daughter, the gift as I call her. She is very adorable and beautiful as clearly seen. This post has everything to do with the choices we make whether approved or not.

Life is a gift from God himself for he is the creator of the very essence of it. From the beginning he initiated his will for man to live in peace and harmony one with the other and to bring forth life, not destroy it. As the created being there is no way possible for us to create an original life from the dust of the earth nor can we re-create it after it is gone. Don't discuss cloning because even it begins from a living cell already created.

To live it is to give it-love. The picture you see here depicts God's will and love toward us as his creation; it is the very evidence of love at its highest. One plants, another waters, but it is he who gives the increase. Be a vessel to be used for what you witness here. As a husband and wife, don't destroy something so precious but come together and bring forth as it has been ordained.

I Can Make It

Monday, April 21, 2008

Truth about Love

Back in the early 90's when I was ask when I was going to or if I was going to get married my response was a $10,000 bet against the idea. But by the time I was in my mid twenties the thought pattern had shifted to not wanting to be alone for the rest of my life. "He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing" saith the Word of God and the search had begun. Some came and some went but one day at my place of employment a young woman caught my eye and captured my heart. Though I was in a relationship my prayers were answered when my eyes laid upon one of God's flowers-I had to win her heart.

All the men at the plant wanted to know who she was and often asked me to give them her name and any other information that could be gained. First I was apprehensive but realized that what was for me was for me and no one else. The question I asked myself was how could I get out of the relationship involving myself and win her. The answer was quite simple don't be a player, be honest if asked if I had a girlfriend, and seek God's will for me (not in that order). As I sought Him the answers I sought came right on time.

Let me tell you what it is like to find that one person destined to be yours. It is like a man who goes into his neighbor's rose garden to find the one rose that stands out from the others. When he goes through the garden he smells some, touches some, stares at some, and very closely examines some but he suddenly spots one rose in the midst of the other roses that is more red, more radiant, healthier, and less spotted than any of the other roses. He asks the owner of the garden can he clear the other roses from that one special rose so that it may stand alone as it should. The neighbor clears all the weeds and other roses away so that it stands alone and the man takes his choice rose; he nourishes it, cherishes it, adores it, and cares for it in a way that the petals maintains their radiant glow.

This is how I look at the woman I chose to be mine. How do you look at yours?

I Can Make It

Sunday, April 20, 2008

truth about living-Viewpoint

Today I heard something so profound in its simplicity that I could not help but worship God with a praise for the clarity of something I ask him to show me. Out of all the psychological tips gained from reading and acquiring methods of application toward life this has to be the clearest of all information. All I had to do was change my preposition from what is happening "to me" to it is happening "for me"; all things work together for my good because I do really love the Lord. I am the victor and not the victim because what can't kill me can only make me stronger and you who are reading this keep this in mind. Everyday we face circumstances that come to wipe us out and keep us from developing a close relationship with God which in turn hinders us from closeness with family and friends. If we remember that while we thrive for perfection suffering is a part of the struggle because neither we nor the society we live in are perfect.

I have learned when the storm is over my head that it won't last always. Above the dark clouds rests the clear sky that will eventually come forth as it won't last continually. Can you see the light through the storm shine just as the lighthouse gives the ship out in the storm the guide to safety? Does not the light serve as direction to safety? So it is with us when we go through the light is there giving us direction to a secure place. I used to always ask why--why do we not have this? why am I suffering such afflictions? why was I born into such obscurity? why, why, why....the whys just keep coming for as long as we are focused on the negatives and not seeing the light that shining and providing direction to safety.

As for the person, who asks why constantly, afflictions are many for the person thriving to live right but he able to be delivered from them all. We must look high and not low for if the mind is set to those things above first then at the end of the storm what's desired shall be attained; earthly possessions are temporal while heavenly things are eternal. Change your preposition by changing your mind from "......happening to me" to ".....happening for me" not in the future but right now.

Jesus is infinite while man is indefinite. Whom do you seek for guidance from your storm?

I Can Make It

Truth about Love

Love has many definitions by many a people but what does it really mean. I have personally found it to mean one thing, unified gathering of emotions geared toward people or a person with an unconditional link. What this means is that no matter how a person looks, how a person talks, walks, what personal choices he/she chooses, the color of their skin, what part of the neighborhood they live, what kind of vehicle they drive, etc. love is geared toward them unconditionally due to the command of Christ.

During the birth of my first two girls I felt the increase of this feeling toward them and my beloved wife. I realized that each time their could have been loss of life and my prayers was to not suffer any loss because the void would have been too great to handle. It was at those times that I personally explored my inner self to inventory just how much I loved the new women in my life as well as the woman I married. But it was during the recent birth of our third daughter that really brought everything home. During her birth some complications occurred which really made me realize just how deep my love is for my wife and family; except for Jesus I love nothing more, not even my own life. True love covers a multitude of faults; no matter what the past brings up it's covered; no matter what rumors may surface it's covered; no matter what the disagreement it's covered; no matter what it's covered with the Love of God.

For my three daughters I will protect them with all the love input within me. They shall feel the love of their dad and not have to go out to find it outside. They shall be raised in it and showered with it so that it is transferred from them to their own families. They shall know what love is and how to show it to all walks of people without suffering humiliation.

This is what love is to me. What is it for you? Life's circumstances just might define it for you.

I Can Make It

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Truth about being Fatherless but Fathered

At a young age I realized that my daddy was non-existent in my life. As I watched my friends' interaction with their fathers I wondered what my life would have been like if my own had been around. What was he like? What did he like? Could he run? Would he have supported me in sports? Would he approve of who I am and how I turned out? Those questions from a biological view point can't be answered, but hypothetically speaking maybe he would have been proud.

Fatherhood goes a long way in a young man's and especially a young woman's life. Fathers provide that inner confidence that young men and women need to exhibit whether in sports or everyday life. They are the strength of families, the core of the household, and the infrastructure of the child's life. It is one thing not to personally know one's own father but it is a terrible thing to know him and not have a relationship with him. As a father trying to provide for his children I understand the demands of life on the job, the struggle to hold on to a position, the patience it takes when you know they really don't want you there. I even understand the tugging to make you throw in the towel and say it's over but for the sake of the family we must do what is right. "Do what is right and I will repay" is a simple verse in the bible but one of the most compelling. I will not compromise my integrity at any cost regardless to how tempting the offer is.

I shall be more than a daddy I will be a father to my daughters if it cost my life to do it because I want them to have the best and be more than what they appear to be on the surface. They shall know what love is so they don't have to fall victim to some smooth tongued slick; they shall learn to love others unconditionally without jeopardizing their standards; and they shall have enough confidence in their abilities that they won't have to rely on arrogance or ignorance to get ahead. I want them to know at an early age that I am their earthly father that loves them enough to sacrifice himself for their well being just as my Father did for me on Calvary.

I Can Make It

Friday, April 11, 2008

Truth about tranformation

Like a butterfly erupting from its coccoon have I come forth not without a battle but through the renewing of my mindset. Did you know that your mind determines who you are and where you go in life? As I think so am I--how high and how low is not determined by anyone else but me through the power of my mind. I often think about how prominent people like the Trumps, the Oprahs, the Buffetts and other big name wealthy people make it and I must conclude they make it because of their mindset. Their dreams became their purpose and did not just lay in place as an idle thought but made into reality. I am determined that my dream is going to be my reality because I have a new attitude about myself; my dream is now my purpose and the only one that can deter it is me.

I Can Make It

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Question of truth-Why me?

"Why me?" is the one question I constantly have asked myself while walking and living what is known to me as life. Through the constant turmoil, struggle, and constant pressures from the depths of my own mind do I ask Why me? But I have learned to be aware of the answer that often comes when the pains of the past come to haunt my mind and that is "why not you? Let it go for your present does not signify anything that your past dictated you would be or would possess; let it go. Have you not yet realized your cries have been heard and your tears have been seen? I have and am here." This has been and is my answer to that question now as well as then whether I ask it silently or aloud.

During this time of self-pity a voice from the depths of darkness has called me from childhood to my adulthood to come to its comfort zone, enticing me with delusions of peace and tranquility while lying in wait like a hunter for his prey. Though sometimes it seems an easy escape my mind is not so easily deceived for there is yet another voice that grabs me like the mountain climber who catches his best friend as he nears the edge and slips. This voice I have often heard as a child as I often wondered why peace and joy had eluded me; this voice on many occasion comforted me in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. It is the same comforting voice that often reminds me this day that my past only exists to remind me from whence I came and not to forget those who helped me along the way as I make it to the top of what my purpose here is. I am, I can, I will, not because of who I see me as but because of who I know Him to be.

I Can Make It

Monday, April 7, 2008

My life; Who am I?

I Can Make It

As I look in the mirror who is it that I see? Is it the real me or just me? As I look into the eyes peering back at me I see the creation that was supposed to be. Confident not arrogant, intelligent and knowledgeable is the created one as purposed from the beginning. Many things were I to be but one thing I am is His created man. Full of life, full of purpose, and filled with promise-the man I now am.

So as you peer into the mirror and see as I see, remember you are the creation as it was ordained to be.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Truth is Life is Too Short

I Can Make It.....

Today I found myself reflecting upon all the attributes life has taught me over the 39 years of existence here on earth. One thing without a shadow of a doubt is that the mind is the most power asset of an individual. With it one can overcome all cruelty of life and also with it one can destroy all life with cruelty. No matter what someone does or says to me I realize that it is my reaction to the action against me that determines who I am, where I am going, and my final destination. No longer does the bonds or shackles of life bind me because of the liberation of my mind through the fiery trials of what is known as life. I have arrived.