Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Way It is

The belief that life just happens is taking living to a place that is very difficult to escape. A place where darkness curls its hands around man's origin of breath; a place where we exist but don't; a place where dreams are annihilated and visions don't exist; a place where America is slowly going but fastly approaching like a meteor on collision course with Earth; a place booming with noise but no music or laughter; a place void of discrimination, allowing all who want to be there to be there.

How do we or better yet, how did we get to this place? As those before us struggled, bled, and died for the privileges we possess somehow we derailed from the tracks laid out. Some of us take advantage of the right to choose by never rightly choosing. Some of us talk more about unity but are always dividing. Some of us claim to be for all but are only for ourselves. Some of us say we have overcome many prejudiced and biased opinions and yet yesterday seems to never go away. Some of us claim to be free but are bound by what we see. Some of us claim moral conquests yet are leaders of immoral acts against humanity. We got here due to greed, injustice, and ignorance. We got here due to false promises and lack of guidance from the Source that our country and the Constitution was based. We have arrived at this dark, airless place that just wreaks havoc on us in our entirety by locking out the only One that can help in our time of need as well as our time of prosperity.

So what is this place this posts speaks of and where? The place is called nowhere and you too can get there by continuing to ignore God. Make the right decision and acknowledge Him who is able to keep you from falling.

I Can Make It

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