Saturday, September 13, 2008

Your True Identity

You have reached a point in your life that when you awake in the mornings and before you go to bed at night you question the person in the mirror...who are you and what are you doing? Stress and the rigors of everyday life brings about a change in an individual; it forces them to stop trying to change everything around them and start changing the one thing they can-themselves.

You can change your clothes but that does not change you; you can change you hair color but that does not change you; you can change everything on the outside, the visual person, but that still does not change you. Why? Because to change the real you it has to be from the inside out and not the outside in. The you referred to here is the real you, not the superficial you; not the you that is made by what people think about you, what people say about you, nor what you put on yourself. It is the very essence of your being that makes you who you are because the perception of who others say you are does not constitute who you are, but it is who you determine yourself to be through the relationship and knowledge of the One who created you that defines who you are.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made from the finest of the particulates. You were a time consuming creation considering that everything was spoken into being except for you. Have you ever tried to make something from dust, not dirt, but dust? Try and see if it can be done. So if God took time to make you, form you, shape you, breathe into you the breath of life, then don't you have a purpose to serve other than to be the punching bag or garbage can everyone constantly beat down with discouragement or throw their slanderous statements into. You and only you can determine your success or failure and only your failures can help you succeed.

Three phrases I have learned to use everyday whether it is in the morning or at night, they are: I can, I will, and I shall. These phrases were not derived by me but are utilized by a relative. She hangs them on her mirror. Try it and supply whatever you determine what you can........, what you will......., and what you shall.....You don't have to be what someone said you were to be but seek your purpose and be what God told you to be and fulfil your purpose; walk into your destiny!

I Can Make It

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Parents-My Mom

Today is a special day to three children born to an out of the norm situation in accordance with society's view of what constitutes a family. Today is the birthday of the only parent we know, the only parent, that at the age we are, we want to know. For myself, my mother has been and is the epitome of what a mother and father should be. She taught me how to play baseball, how to shoot basketball, how to fish, how to drive and even taught me about the birds and the bees. Everything that my father would have taught me she did as well as how to deal with women. Did I lack anything? I suppose from the view point that a father would have taught me how to work on a car or build things which I could have learned from vocational school.

What I am saying is that I have a tremendous amount of respect, gratitude, and love for the woman who decided to put herself last, fight through the difficult circumstances, and do whatever was necessary to provide for her three children. I don't know of many men who have survived and triumphed through so much and then be able to overcome and still have that love she has for her grandchildren. Guess we should have been wishing her a Happy Father's Day too but we do have a terrific hard working step dad.

So mom I know you will see this post and I know I could not find a card to say what I said above. Happy Birthday mom. Love you double.

"Honor thy father and thy mother for this is the commandment with promise."

I Can Make It

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vacation with Family

Just returned from exciting trip with my family. This was my oldest daughter's-Gabby-first trip to the beach. I must say that my child was very excited as her little feet hit the warm, soft sand of the crisp white beaches in Gulf Shores, Al. All she could say was "I can see the whole ocean." She was excited to be there and I was happy to take her along with her younger sister of course who could care less about being there.

There is a vast difference in the way a 4 year old sees things and the way a 2 year old sees the same things. Chrissy, short for Christiana, was fixated on the fact that it was too much water to deal with whereas Gabby was at the point of complete euphoria with the fact it was so much water. However, our 7 week old daughter just wanted to get back in the air conditioned car. To watch these two little girls in action was hilarious because one of them wanted to be there and the other one just wanted to play in the sand for five minutes, cling to her daddy, and leave.

It was fun and very rewarding in the sense I finally got to share in a moment without the panic of rushing or worrying about how I was going to get home in time to finish work or what time we should leave. We just truly enjoyed a fun-filled weekend at church then the beach. Oh, and as we were leaving Gulf Shores, I must say the zoo there is very good. The animals we saw were awesome. My wife and I could not believe how big some of those big cats were. The male lion had to be twice all of our sizes together and the white tiger was just as big. Gabby was fascinated by all animals while Chrissy just wanted to look at the birds, any bird whether it was in a cage or just flying around. In any case we just enjoyed being together for a change and I would do it all over again just to see the joy on my families faces.

God created such beauty and we thoroughly enjoyed our little trip. Enjoy what He has to offer and every now and then take time out to "smell the roses."

I Can Make It

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Truth about Me

Today’s post is a little different because I want to share something with everyone who reads or have been reading my blog. I was reading the Bible this morning-yes that is my favorite book and I do read it-and discovered something about myself as I was reading from the book of Deuteronomy. As Moses was reminding the Israelites how God had delivered them from the hands of their former oppressors-Egyptians-and how rebellious they had become up until the crossing of Jordan, it suddenly all came together for me personally. How is that since I am saved and filled with the Holy Ghost that something so simple and yet so profound just hit me? Well, I have been wondering around for 40 years in my own desert not being able to cross the Jordan not because of enemies, what people say about me, how I am viewed, or because of something I was not doing for God. The reason is because of what I allowed me to dictate to me; how I have viewed the deliverance of God almighty from my terrors at night and the many storms endured throughout the course of my life.

When I reflect on past struggles, what I did not have, what I did have, the places visited, the people I thought were friends, the different churches attended, the different views on religion, the house where I was raised, and so many other things that there is not enough time or space on this blog to get into at this time, I realize that it is NOW that is most important. The views I have now, the home I have now, the life I live now, the family I have now, the church I attend now, the Jesus I believe in now, the mom I have now, and all that is now at this time, not yesterday. Deliverance did come and my insatiable desire to be set free from the past blinded me from all that He has done for me and is doing right now. My past is, or should I say, was my Egypt and He personally delivered me from it. As God told Moses-(paraphrase) “They that you see now you shall see no more….” is what my past is; it is gone.

I have begun my crossing over my Jordan River into a land flowing with all that was promised to me not to be blindsided with the negativity that is in view for what is for me is mine. It is already done by faith. Like the wind I don’t have to see it to know it exists but I have to believe it, receive it, and achieve it. The only thing that can hinder my progress to the Promised Land is I myself. After 40 years of wondering my appointed time is NOW!

I Can Make It

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Why do we let little things hinder us from progressing to the next level in our lives? What is it that causes us to not fulfill the plans outlined for us? How is it that we envy everyone around us who has made great strides toward success and we ourselves are spectators, watching life as it passes? What keeps us from making money from our own businesses? What keeps us from starting a business? What keeps us from asking questions that will propel us to the next step in our lives? What makes us spend money on unnecessary materials that make other people money and we take none in for the building of our own successful business? Why do we walk into a room full of people with the know-how and sit or stand against the wall without communicating with them?

The questions can go on and on like the energizer bunny but there is one little four letter word that answers these questions and the many others like them-FEAR! As I held my new born baby the other day it was apparent that she feared the loud noise flowing from her other two sisters in the room and she jumped whenever I shifted my hands from underneath her giving her the impression she was going to fall. I can wave my hands in front of her and jump up and down; I can put the most horrible looking stuffed animal in front of her and she never flinches but with loud noises and the simulation of falling there is the eyes bucking and the arms flailing. Even with my two older children it is evident that they are afraid of the same things but as they get older the more they fear. Why?

Well fear is a progressive state of being whereby noticing that the youngest is only afraid of two states of being and the middle child is afraid of a few more and the oldest is afraid of many. It is apparent that these are learned fears taught to them by others and ourselves because of the label attached to them. Example, my oldest daughter is afraid of bugs no matter what type they are and my middle child is not whereas my youngest could care less. My oldest child is afraid of bugs because we taught her that they bite and are bad-kill them is cliché no matter what kind; however, my middle child is not because we have not taught her this nor do we allow the oldest one to teach her any differently. The baby does not understand yet.

You see what I conclude from watching, reading, and living is that we only have two innate fears, falling and loud sounds as children, whereas we are taught the rest. Some fears are more pronounced than others but we have nothing to fear especially those of us who have found the Source of our Strength being Christ who is both Lord and Savior. Confrontation is the best method for overcoming the fear of public places as well as any of the other fears we might have. Why should we hinder ourselves from walking into our own when we have so many other obstacles to clear?

What I have done for me is to step out of the boat into the water and if I begin to sink I know who to call to reach down as I stretch my hand upward to the hills from which all my help has come and continues to come. Fear not man because he is created just like us; fear not animals, but do be cautious, for we have dominion; and fear not situations because they can be overcome. Keep looking up! Don’t look down for the vision stops but when you look up there is nothing but space. Write the vision and make it plain for without a vision, your vision, you perish.

I Can Make It


Tonight as I attended my best friend’s daughter’s high school graduation one thought came to mind, the troubles the young people are facing and are going to face in the many years to come. One by one as each received his or her diplomas signified triumph in one area and possible defeats in another area-life.

I traced back to my graduation day many years ago, say 22 years to be exact, and had far less troubles as I recollect than what tonight’s graduates are going to deal with. Let’s look at comparisons:

Today’s graduating males are faced with over-aggressive females. We use to chase the girls and talk game as we say however; today’s females are much more aggressive. They initiate the conversations as well as other things without thinking about the consequences to follow.

The bodies of today’s female are much more mature at younger ages than when I was in school. Some 15 year olds look like full-grown women while the males are just enjoying #1 without any complaints.

Sex, something once regarded as sacred because it was so difficult to even be alone with a girl back then, is common enough without regards to having a child out of wedlock. A high percentage of them won’t go to college because they will have to get jobs to pay for childcare expenses.

Parents are much younger than when I was in school. Many of them are still children themselves.

So what is there to do when you are a young man with raging hormones and these now robust starlet creatures are just throwing themselves at your mercy or if you are a female and these now well defined young men tell you everything you want to hear? A not-so-easy-to-do word, resist.

Easier said than done especially when there is no one around to chastise you or tell you that it only takes one act of passion or lust to ruin a future. That it only takes one irresponsible act to change every dream into a reality of long work hours and perhaps frequent visits to the nearest health facility for treatment.

Take time to think about what you are doing and envision the outcome. Just maybe you will think about what you are doing.

I Can Make It

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marriage and Divorce

Today is a reflection on one of the more unstable institutions in today's world. It is more unstable than the stock market, more volatile than gasoline fumes, and its yielding results-divorce-has probably risen more than today's oil prices. What is this combination? Marriage and divorce.

Seems like marriage only lasts for 3 to 6 months then divorce introduces itself for the most absurd reasons except for infidelity. Couples get divorced because one did not cook the eggs just right, or one did not fix the handle on the kitchen cabinet, or one did not speak to the other in the right tone, or one went to get gas but made a stop at the store and forgot to mention that stop. Just totally any reason to get free but end up in most cases wishing they could get back with the other person.

What happened to bible-based relationships where it was good when the man found his good thing and she was glad to be found? What happened to the man finding the woman and not the woman chasing the man like a lion running down prey? What happened to the unity of family where strength dwelled and peace harmonized with joy to bring about the upbringing of stable children? What happened to the institution of marriage itself existing as the union between male and female as God would have it to be? What happened to those put in positions to govern the laws of the land only to establish their own laws and beliefs? Where is the foundation for marriage to stand? The answer to these questions exists in the simple fact that we have totally forgotten about the One who created us, the One who allows us to have freedom of choice, the One who stated that it was not good for man to be alone so he created him a female, not another male or vise-versa; we have used our increase in knowledge to think ourselves more highly than we should and forgotten that we cannot create anything but total devastation and destruction with this mentality. We have become lost and confused and to make matters worse than what they are, God is giving us over to a reprobated mind-void of judgement-so that we want die from explosions of war but from the implosions of the war being lost inside our minds and hearts.

That being said the only thing left to say is that where there is unity strength resides but where there is division weakness abides.

I Can Make It

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There are so many items that make an individual doubt himself or herself. Nothing is more trying than the stress involved on the job while trying to take care of a family. Where does it stop? No answer still as you may try over and over again to make it over the hump. I find that my hair is more gray, my health more stricken, and my life on a downward spiral due to being discouraged because no matter how much done it is never enough. Maybe you are going through the same thing but I must say that in order to defeat being discouraged some major decisions have to be made and some of those decisions will not sit well with others. A change has to take place and it begins with us. Why is that you ask? Good question. Look at it this one can make it better except you yourself by changing attitudes about the day. I now think more positive than negative due to the fact that I cannot hear from above while in a negative state of mind. There is enough negativity throughout the day for everyone than to have mine added to the ooze of negative vibes throughout. In short control the day and don't let the day be in control. Turn the lemon of today into the lemonade of tomorrow.

I Can Make It

Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Give Up on Life

Has it ever crossed your mind to just throw in the towel and quit? Too many obstacles and way too much stress has become too much to handle? I remember as a child having so many barriers to break through that the pressure was compared to the collapse of the hull of a submarine that had gone too deep due to human error, evasive maneuvering, or war. Problems with health, problems with school, problems with family, pressure trying to establish goals, pressure from supposed-to-be friends, not having this or not having that, etc. Now fast forward to adulthood, allowing all of those things to follow along with the pressures of just being an adult. Get the picture.

My advice is to detach from the past because it is just history to be used as a reminder of where you have come from but does not dictate where you are going. The past is a learning instrument that serves as training tools for your future. Many mistakes are made everyday we live but the key is to live. We may end relationships, marriages, associations; we may even quit jobs but if we give up on life how do we know what the end is going to be? Have you ever heard of the story about the gold miner or miners who were digging for gold and found a significant amount of the precious metal and stopped digging at that point? Well if they had not quit and continued on another three feet they would have hit what is known as the mother load. I said that to say this, the plan for our lives contains many an obstacle in which some of them do make us want to give up and lay down and die but I say keep moving ahead. We seek the easy way out of the situations thrown at us by either diving into substances that will eventually kill us or we kill ourselves thinking the problems will be solved once and for all. It still does not end and how do we know the outcome if we cheat ourselves out of this great adventure known as life.

The truth is suffering as well as not suffering is a part of living and the solution is to align ourselves with the one who can help us through the tough times. Afflictions are many but there is deliverance from them all if we just put our trust in the right place. As I also have been tempted to just lay down and die in times past, I can yet hear a voice telling me "all is well and will be alright if you just put your trust in me and not let your circumstances stand in the way of the relationship that I am wanting to have with you". As he has spoken to me these words he also speaks them to you. As he sits at the head of all things great and small so does he sit at the head of our minute circumstances which are trying to snuff the life right out of us. If we can just remember that the battle is not ours but his; if we can just hold out to hold on to see what the end is going to be; if we can just keep our eyes focused on things above and not below; if we can just lay aside our past which are the weights holding us down; if we can just see and stretch out our hands in faith; if we can keep moving forward without looking back or trying to bring our past with us; if we can gather our minds and trust him; and if we can allow ourselves to move ourselves out of the way so that the Lord can do all that he wants to do for us, with us, and through us then we can make it through any barrier and over any obstacle.

Either life and its circumstances will control us or we will control them through the One who controls all. The choice is both yours and mine and I have made Jesus my choice. Will you make the right choice?

I Can Make It

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Life's Choices

Have not posted in a while due to new addition to family-my new baby daughter, the gift as I call her. She is very adorable and beautiful as clearly seen. This post has everything to do with the choices we make whether approved or not.

Life is a gift from God himself for he is the creator of the very essence of it. From the beginning he initiated his will for man to live in peace and harmony one with the other and to bring forth life, not destroy it. As the created being there is no way possible for us to create an original life from the dust of the earth nor can we re-create it after it is gone. Don't discuss cloning because even it begins from a living cell already created.

To live it is to give it-love. The picture you see here depicts God's will and love toward us as his creation; it is the very evidence of love at its highest. One plants, another waters, but it is he who gives the increase. Be a vessel to be used for what you witness here. As a husband and wife, don't destroy something so precious but come together and bring forth as it has been ordained.

I Can Make It

Monday, April 21, 2008

Truth about Love

Back in the early 90's when I was ask when I was going to or if I was going to get married my response was a $10,000 bet against the idea. But by the time I was in my mid twenties the thought pattern had shifted to not wanting to be alone for the rest of my life. "He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing" saith the Word of God and the search had begun. Some came and some went but one day at my place of employment a young woman caught my eye and captured my heart. Though I was in a relationship my prayers were answered when my eyes laid upon one of God's flowers-I had to win her heart.

All the men at the plant wanted to know who she was and often asked me to give them her name and any other information that could be gained. First I was apprehensive but realized that what was for me was for me and no one else. The question I asked myself was how could I get out of the relationship involving myself and win her. The answer was quite simple don't be a player, be honest if asked if I had a girlfriend, and seek God's will for me (not in that order). As I sought Him the answers I sought came right on time.

Let me tell you what it is like to find that one person destined to be yours. It is like a man who goes into his neighbor's rose garden to find the one rose that stands out from the others. When he goes through the garden he smells some, touches some, stares at some, and very closely examines some but he suddenly spots one rose in the midst of the other roses that is more red, more radiant, healthier, and less spotted than any of the other roses. He asks the owner of the garden can he clear the other roses from that one special rose so that it may stand alone as it should. The neighbor clears all the weeds and other roses away so that it stands alone and the man takes his choice rose; he nourishes it, cherishes it, adores it, and cares for it in a way that the petals maintains their radiant glow.

This is how I look at the woman I chose to be mine. How do you look at yours?

I Can Make It

Sunday, April 20, 2008

truth about living-Viewpoint

Today I heard something so profound in its simplicity that I could not help but worship God with a praise for the clarity of something I ask him to show me. Out of all the psychological tips gained from reading and acquiring methods of application toward life this has to be the clearest of all information. All I had to do was change my preposition from what is happening "to me" to it is happening "for me"; all things work together for my good because I do really love the Lord. I am the victor and not the victim because what can't kill me can only make me stronger and you who are reading this keep this in mind. Everyday we face circumstances that come to wipe us out and keep us from developing a close relationship with God which in turn hinders us from closeness with family and friends. If we remember that while we thrive for perfection suffering is a part of the struggle because neither we nor the society we live in are perfect.

I have learned when the storm is over my head that it won't last always. Above the dark clouds rests the clear sky that will eventually come forth as it won't last continually. Can you see the light through the storm shine just as the lighthouse gives the ship out in the storm the guide to safety? Does not the light serve as direction to safety? So it is with us when we go through the light is there giving us direction to a secure place. I used to always ask why--why do we not have this? why am I suffering such afflictions? why was I born into such obscurity? why, why, why....the whys just keep coming for as long as we are focused on the negatives and not seeing the light that shining and providing direction to safety.

As for the person, who asks why constantly, afflictions are many for the person thriving to live right but he able to be delivered from them all. We must look high and not low for if the mind is set to those things above first then at the end of the storm what's desired shall be attained; earthly possessions are temporal while heavenly things are eternal. Change your preposition by changing your mind from "......happening to me" to ".....happening for me" not in the future but right now.

Jesus is infinite while man is indefinite. Whom do you seek for guidance from your storm?

I Can Make It

Truth about Love

Love has many definitions by many a people but what does it really mean. I have personally found it to mean one thing, unified gathering of emotions geared toward people or a person with an unconditional link. What this means is that no matter how a person looks, how a person talks, walks, what personal choices he/she chooses, the color of their skin, what part of the neighborhood they live, what kind of vehicle they drive, etc. love is geared toward them unconditionally due to the command of Christ.

During the birth of my first two girls I felt the increase of this feeling toward them and my beloved wife. I realized that each time their could have been loss of life and my prayers was to not suffer any loss because the void would have been too great to handle. It was at those times that I personally explored my inner self to inventory just how much I loved the new women in my life as well as the woman I married. But it was during the recent birth of our third daughter that really brought everything home. During her birth some complications occurred which really made me realize just how deep my love is for my wife and family; except for Jesus I love nothing more, not even my own life. True love covers a multitude of faults; no matter what the past brings up it's covered; no matter what rumors may surface it's covered; no matter what the disagreement it's covered; no matter what it's covered with the Love of God.

For my three daughters I will protect them with all the love input within me. They shall feel the love of their dad and not have to go out to find it outside. They shall be raised in it and showered with it so that it is transferred from them to their own families. They shall know what love is and how to show it to all walks of people without suffering humiliation.

This is what love is to me. What is it for you? Life's circumstances just might define it for you.

I Can Make It

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Truth about being Fatherless but Fathered

At a young age I realized that my daddy was non-existent in my life. As I watched my friends' interaction with their fathers I wondered what my life would have been like if my own had been around. What was he like? What did he like? Could he run? Would he have supported me in sports? Would he approve of who I am and how I turned out? Those questions from a biological view point can't be answered, but hypothetically speaking maybe he would have been proud.

Fatherhood goes a long way in a young man's and especially a young woman's life. Fathers provide that inner confidence that young men and women need to exhibit whether in sports or everyday life. They are the strength of families, the core of the household, and the infrastructure of the child's life. It is one thing not to personally know one's own father but it is a terrible thing to know him and not have a relationship with him. As a father trying to provide for his children I understand the demands of life on the job, the struggle to hold on to a position, the patience it takes when you know they really don't want you there. I even understand the tugging to make you throw in the towel and say it's over but for the sake of the family we must do what is right. "Do what is right and I will repay" is a simple verse in the bible but one of the most compelling. I will not compromise my integrity at any cost regardless to how tempting the offer is.

I shall be more than a daddy I will be a father to my daughters if it cost my life to do it because I want them to have the best and be more than what they appear to be on the surface. They shall know what love is so they don't have to fall victim to some smooth tongued slick; they shall learn to love others unconditionally without jeopardizing their standards; and they shall have enough confidence in their abilities that they won't have to rely on arrogance or ignorance to get ahead. I want them to know at an early age that I am their earthly father that loves them enough to sacrifice himself for their well being just as my Father did for me on Calvary.

I Can Make It

Friday, April 11, 2008

Truth about tranformation

Like a butterfly erupting from its coccoon have I come forth not without a battle but through the renewing of my mindset. Did you know that your mind determines who you are and where you go in life? As I think so am I--how high and how low is not determined by anyone else but me through the power of my mind. I often think about how prominent people like the Trumps, the Oprahs, the Buffetts and other big name wealthy people make it and I must conclude they make it because of their mindset. Their dreams became their purpose and did not just lay in place as an idle thought but made into reality. I am determined that my dream is going to be my reality because I have a new attitude about myself; my dream is now my purpose and the only one that can deter it is me.

I Can Make It

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Question of truth-Why me?

"Why me?" is the one question I constantly have asked myself while walking and living what is known to me as life. Through the constant turmoil, struggle, and constant pressures from the depths of my own mind do I ask Why me? But I have learned to be aware of the answer that often comes when the pains of the past come to haunt my mind and that is "why not you? Let it go for your present does not signify anything that your past dictated you would be or would possess; let it go. Have you not yet realized your cries have been heard and your tears have been seen? I have and am here." This has been and is my answer to that question now as well as then whether I ask it silently or aloud.

During this time of self-pity a voice from the depths of darkness has called me from childhood to my adulthood to come to its comfort zone, enticing me with delusions of peace and tranquility while lying in wait like a hunter for his prey. Though sometimes it seems an easy escape my mind is not so easily deceived for there is yet another voice that grabs me like the mountain climber who catches his best friend as he nears the edge and slips. This voice I have often heard as a child as I often wondered why peace and joy had eluded me; this voice on many occasion comforted me in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. It is the same comforting voice that often reminds me this day that my past only exists to remind me from whence I came and not to forget those who helped me along the way as I make it to the top of what my purpose here is. I am, I can, I will, not because of who I see me as but because of who I know Him to be.

I Can Make It

Monday, April 7, 2008

My life; Who am I?

I Can Make It

As I look in the mirror who is it that I see? Is it the real me or just me? As I look into the eyes peering back at me I see the creation that was supposed to be. Confident not arrogant, intelligent and knowledgeable is the created one as purposed from the beginning. Many things were I to be but one thing I am is His created man. Full of life, full of purpose, and filled with promise-the man I now am.

So as you peer into the mirror and see as I see, remember you are the creation as it was ordained to be.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Truth is Life is Too Short

I Can Make It.....

Today I found myself reflecting upon all the attributes life has taught me over the 39 years of existence here on earth. One thing without a shadow of a doubt is that the mind is the most power asset of an individual. With it one can overcome all cruelty of life and also with it one can destroy all life with cruelty. No matter what someone does or says to me I realize that it is my reaction to the action against me that determines who I am, where I am going, and my final destination. No longer does the bonds or shackles of life bind me because of the liberation of my mind through the fiery trials of what is known as life. I have arrived.