Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Parents-My Mom

Today is a special day to three children born to an out of the norm situation in accordance with society's view of what constitutes a family. Today is the birthday of the only parent we know, the only parent, that at the age we are, we want to know. For myself, my mother has been and is the epitome of what a mother and father should be. She taught me how to play baseball, how to shoot basketball, how to fish, how to drive and even taught me about the birds and the bees. Everything that my father would have taught me she did as well as how to deal with women. Did I lack anything? I suppose from the view point that a father would have taught me how to work on a car or build things which I could have learned from vocational school.

What I am saying is that I have a tremendous amount of respect, gratitude, and love for the woman who decided to put herself last, fight through the difficult circumstances, and do whatever was necessary to provide for her three children. I don't know of many men who have survived and triumphed through so much and then be able to overcome and still have that love she has for her grandchildren. Guess we should have been wishing her a Happy Father's Day too but we do have a terrific hard working step dad.

So mom I know you will see this post and I know I could not find a card to say what I said above. Happy Birthday mom. Love you double.

"Honor thy father and thy mother for this is the commandment with promise."

I Can Make It

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