Thursday, June 5, 2008

Truth about Me

Today’s post is a little different because I want to share something with everyone who reads or have been reading my blog. I was reading the Bible this morning-yes that is my favorite book and I do read it-and discovered something about myself as I was reading from the book of Deuteronomy. As Moses was reminding the Israelites how God had delivered them from the hands of their former oppressors-Egyptians-and how rebellious they had become up until the crossing of Jordan, it suddenly all came together for me personally. How is that since I am saved and filled with the Holy Ghost that something so simple and yet so profound just hit me? Well, I have been wondering around for 40 years in my own desert not being able to cross the Jordan not because of enemies, what people say about me, how I am viewed, or because of something I was not doing for God. The reason is because of what I allowed me to dictate to me; how I have viewed the deliverance of God almighty from my terrors at night and the many storms endured throughout the course of my life.

When I reflect on past struggles, what I did not have, what I did have, the places visited, the people I thought were friends, the different churches attended, the different views on religion, the house where I was raised, and so many other things that there is not enough time or space on this blog to get into at this time, I realize that it is NOW that is most important. The views I have now, the home I have now, the life I live now, the family I have now, the church I attend now, the Jesus I believe in now, the mom I have now, and all that is now at this time, not yesterday. Deliverance did come and my insatiable desire to be set free from the past blinded me from all that He has done for me and is doing right now. My past is, or should I say, was my Egypt and He personally delivered me from it. As God told Moses-(paraphrase) “They that you see now you shall see no more….” is what my past is; it is gone.

I have begun my crossing over my Jordan River into a land flowing with all that was promised to me not to be blindsided with the negativity that is in view for what is for me is mine. It is already done by faith. Like the wind I don’t have to see it to know it exists but I have to believe it, receive it, and achieve it. The only thing that can hinder my progress to the Promised Land is I myself. After 40 years of wondering my appointed time is NOW!

I Can Make It

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