Saturday, May 31, 2008


Why do we let little things hinder us from progressing to the next level in our lives? What is it that causes us to not fulfill the plans outlined for us? How is it that we envy everyone around us who has made great strides toward success and we ourselves are spectators, watching life as it passes? What keeps us from making money from our own businesses? What keeps us from starting a business? What keeps us from asking questions that will propel us to the next step in our lives? What makes us spend money on unnecessary materials that make other people money and we take none in for the building of our own successful business? Why do we walk into a room full of people with the know-how and sit or stand against the wall without communicating with them?

The questions can go on and on like the energizer bunny but there is one little four letter word that answers these questions and the many others like them-FEAR! As I held my new born baby the other day it was apparent that she feared the loud noise flowing from her other two sisters in the room and she jumped whenever I shifted my hands from underneath her giving her the impression she was going to fall. I can wave my hands in front of her and jump up and down; I can put the most horrible looking stuffed animal in front of her and she never flinches but with loud noises and the simulation of falling there is the eyes bucking and the arms flailing. Even with my two older children it is evident that they are afraid of the same things but as they get older the more they fear. Why?

Well fear is a progressive state of being whereby noticing that the youngest is only afraid of two states of being and the middle child is afraid of a few more and the oldest is afraid of many. It is apparent that these are learned fears taught to them by others and ourselves because of the label attached to them. Example, my oldest daughter is afraid of bugs no matter what type they are and my middle child is not whereas my youngest could care less. My oldest child is afraid of bugs because we taught her that they bite and are bad-kill them is cliché no matter what kind; however, my middle child is not because we have not taught her this nor do we allow the oldest one to teach her any differently. The baby does not understand yet.

You see what I conclude from watching, reading, and living is that we only have two innate fears, falling and loud sounds as children, whereas we are taught the rest. Some fears are more pronounced than others but we have nothing to fear especially those of us who have found the Source of our Strength being Christ who is both Lord and Savior. Confrontation is the best method for overcoming the fear of public places as well as any of the other fears we might have. Why should we hinder ourselves from walking into our own when we have so many other obstacles to clear?

What I have done for me is to step out of the boat into the water and if I begin to sink I know who to call to reach down as I stretch my hand upward to the hills from which all my help has come and continues to come. Fear not man because he is created just like us; fear not animals, but do be cautious, for we have dominion; and fear not situations because they can be overcome. Keep looking up! Don’t look down for the vision stops but when you look up there is nothing but space. Write the vision and make it plain for without a vision, your vision, you perish.

I Can Make It

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