Wednesday, May 21, 2008


There are so many items that make an individual doubt himself or herself. Nothing is more trying than the stress involved on the job while trying to take care of a family. Where does it stop? No answer still as you may try over and over again to make it over the hump. I find that my hair is more gray, my health more stricken, and my life on a downward spiral due to being discouraged because no matter how much done it is never enough. Maybe you are going through the same thing but I must say that in order to defeat being discouraged some major decisions have to be made and some of those decisions will not sit well with others. A change has to take place and it begins with us. Why is that you ask? Good question. Look at it this one can make it better except you yourself by changing attitudes about the day. I now think more positive than negative due to the fact that I cannot hear from above while in a negative state of mind. There is enough negativity throughout the day for everyone than to have mine added to the ooze of negative vibes throughout. In short control the day and don't let the day be in control. Turn the lemon of today into the lemonade of tomorrow.

I Can Make It

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