Saturday, May 24, 2008

Marriage and Divorce

Today is a reflection on one of the more unstable institutions in today's world. It is more unstable than the stock market, more volatile than gasoline fumes, and its yielding results-divorce-has probably risen more than today's oil prices. What is this combination? Marriage and divorce.

Seems like marriage only lasts for 3 to 6 months then divorce introduces itself for the most absurd reasons except for infidelity. Couples get divorced because one did not cook the eggs just right, or one did not fix the handle on the kitchen cabinet, or one did not speak to the other in the right tone, or one went to get gas but made a stop at the store and forgot to mention that stop. Just totally any reason to get free but end up in most cases wishing they could get back with the other person.

What happened to bible-based relationships where it was good when the man found his good thing and she was glad to be found? What happened to the man finding the woman and not the woman chasing the man like a lion running down prey? What happened to the unity of family where strength dwelled and peace harmonized with joy to bring about the upbringing of stable children? What happened to the institution of marriage itself existing as the union between male and female as God would have it to be? What happened to those put in positions to govern the laws of the land only to establish their own laws and beliefs? Where is the foundation for marriage to stand? The answer to these questions exists in the simple fact that we have totally forgotten about the One who created us, the One who allows us to have freedom of choice, the One who stated that it was not good for man to be alone so he created him a female, not another male or vise-versa; we have used our increase in knowledge to think ourselves more highly than we should and forgotten that we cannot create anything but total devastation and destruction with this mentality. We have become lost and confused and to make matters worse than what they are, God is giving us over to a reprobated mind-void of judgement-so that we want die from explosions of war but from the implosions of the war being lost inside our minds and hearts.

That being said the only thing left to say is that where there is unity strength resides but where there is division weakness abides.

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