Friday, May 16, 2008

Don't Give Up on Life

Has it ever crossed your mind to just throw in the towel and quit? Too many obstacles and way too much stress has become too much to handle? I remember as a child having so many barriers to break through that the pressure was compared to the collapse of the hull of a submarine that had gone too deep due to human error, evasive maneuvering, or war. Problems with health, problems with school, problems with family, pressure trying to establish goals, pressure from supposed-to-be friends, not having this or not having that, etc. Now fast forward to adulthood, allowing all of those things to follow along with the pressures of just being an adult. Get the picture.

My advice is to detach from the past because it is just history to be used as a reminder of where you have come from but does not dictate where you are going. The past is a learning instrument that serves as training tools for your future. Many mistakes are made everyday we live but the key is to live. We may end relationships, marriages, associations; we may even quit jobs but if we give up on life how do we know what the end is going to be? Have you ever heard of the story about the gold miner or miners who were digging for gold and found a significant amount of the precious metal and stopped digging at that point? Well if they had not quit and continued on another three feet they would have hit what is known as the mother load. I said that to say this, the plan for our lives contains many an obstacle in which some of them do make us want to give up and lay down and die but I say keep moving ahead. We seek the easy way out of the situations thrown at us by either diving into substances that will eventually kill us or we kill ourselves thinking the problems will be solved once and for all. It still does not end and how do we know the outcome if we cheat ourselves out of this great adventure known as life.

The truth is suffering as well as not suffering is a part of living and the solution is to align ourselves with the one who can help us through the tough times. Afflictions are many but there is deliverance from them all if we just put our trust in the right place. As I also have been tempted to just lay down and die in times past, I can yet hear a voice telling me "all is well and will be alright if you just put your trust in me and not let your circumstances stand in the way of the relationship that I am wanting to have with you". As he has spoken to me these words he also speaks them to you. As he sits at the head of all things great and small so does he sit at the head of our minute circumstances which are trying to snuff the life right out of us. If we can just remember that the battle is not ours but his; if we can just hold out to hold on to see what the end is going to be; if we can just keep our eyes focused on things above and not below; if we can just lay aside our past which are the weights holding us down; if we can just see and stretch out our hands in faith; if we can keep moving forward without looking back or trying to bring our past with us; if we can gather our minds and trust him; and if we can allow ourselves to move ourselves out of the way so that the Lord can do all that he wants to do for us, with us, and through us then we can make it through any barrier and over any obstacle.

Either life and its circumstances will control us or we will control them through the One who controls all. The choice is both yours and mine and I have made Jesus my choice. Will you make the right choice?

I Can Make It

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