Saturday, May 31, 2008


Tonight as I attended my best friend’s daughter’s high school graduation one thought came to mind, the troubles the young people are facing and are going to face in the many years to come. One by one as each received his or her diplomas signified triumph in one area and possible defeats in another area-life.

I traced back to my graduation day many years ago, say 22 years to be exact, and had far less troubles as I recollect than what tonight’s graduates are going to deal with. Let’s look at comparisons:

Today’s graduating males are faced with over-aggressive females. We use to chase the girls and talk game as we say however; today’s females are much more aggressive. They initiate the conversations as well as other things without thinking about the consequences to follow.

The bodies of today’s female are much more mature at younger ages than when I was in school. Some 15 year olds look like full-grown women while the males are just enjoying #1 without any complaints.

Sex, something once regarded as sacred because it was so difficult to even be alone with a girl back then, is common enough without regards to having a child out of wedlock. A high percentage of them won’t go to college because they will have to get jobs to pay for childcare expenses.

Parents are much younger than when I was in school. Many of them are still children themselves.

So what is there to do when you are a young man with raging hormones and these now robust starlet creatures are just throwing themselves at your mercy or if you are a female and these now well defined young men tell you everything you want to hear? A not-so-easy-to-do word, resist.

Easier said than done especially when there is no one around to chastise you or tell you that it only takes one act of passion or lust to ruin a future. That it only takes one irresponsible act to change every dream into a reality of long work hours and perhaps frequent visits to the nearest health facility for treatment.

Take time to think about what you are doing and envision the outcome. Just maybe you will think about what you are doing.

I Can Make It

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