Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Truth about being Fatherless but Fathered

At a young age I realized that my daddy was non-existent in my life. As I watched my friends' interaction with their fathers I wondered what my life would have been like if my own had been around. What was he like? What did he like? Could he run? Would he have supported me in sports? Would he approve of who I am and how I turned out? Those questions from a biological view point can't be answered, but hypothetically speaking maybe he would have been proud.

Fatherhood goes a long way in a young man's and especially a young woman's life. Fathers provide that inner confidence that young men and women need to exhibit whether in sports or everyday life. They are the strength of families, the core of the household, and the infrastructure of the child's life. It is one thing not to personally know one's own father but it is a terrible thing to know him and not have a relationship with him. As a father trying to provide for his children I understand the demands of life on the job, the struggle to hold on to a position, the patience it takes when you know they really don't want you there. I even understand the tugging to make you throw in the towel and say it's over but for the sake of the family we must do what is right. "Do what is right and I will repay" is a simple verse in the bible but one of the most compelling. I will not compromise my integrity at any cost regardless to how tempting the offer is.

I shall be more than a daddy I will be a father to my daughters if it cost my life to do it because I want them to have the best and be more than what they appear to be on the surface. They shall know what love is so they don't have to fall victim to some smooth tongued slick; they shall learn to love others unconditionally without jeopardizing their standards; and they shall have enough confidence in their abilities that they won't have to rely on arrogance or ignorance to get ahead. I want them to know at an early age that I am their earthly father that loves them enough to sacrifice himself for their well being just as my Father did for me on Calvary.

I Can Make It

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