Sunday, April 20, 2008

truth about living-Viewpoint

Today I heard something so profound in its simplicity that I could not help but worship God with a praise for the clarity of something I ask him to show me. Out of all the psychological tips gained from reading and acquiring methods of application toward life this has to be the clearest of all information. All I had to do was change my preposition from what is happening "to me" to it is happening "for me"; all things work together for my good because I do really love the Lord. I am the victor and not the victim because what can't kill me can only make me stronger and you who are reading this keep this in mind. Everyday we face circumstances that come to wipe us out and keep us from developing a close relationship with God which in turn hinders us from closeness with family and friends. If we remember that while we thrive for perfection suffering is a part of the struggle because neither we nor the society we live in are perfect.

I have learned when the storm is over my head that it won't last always. Above the dark clouds rests the clear sky that will eventually come forth as it won't last continually. Can you see the light through the storm shine just as the lighthouse gives the ship out in the storm the guide to safety? Does not the light serve as direction to safety? So it is with us when we go through the light is there giving us direction to a secure place. I used to always ask why--why do we not have this? why am I suffering such afflictions? why was I born into such obscurity? why, why, why....the whys just keep coming for as long as we are focused on the negatives and not seeing the light that shining and providing direction to safety.

As for the person, who asks why constantly, afflictions are many for the person thriving to live right but he able to be delivered from them all. We must look high and not low for if the mind is set to those things above first then at the end of the storm what's desired shall be attained; earthly possessions are temporal while heavenly things are eternal. Change your preposition by changing your mind from "......happening to me" to ".....happening for me" not in the future but right now.

Jesus is infinite while man is indefinite. Whom do you seek for guidance from your storm?

I Can Make It

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