Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Question of truth-Why me?

"Why me?" is the one question I constantly have asked myself while walking and living what is known to me as life. Through the constant turmoil, struggle, and constant pressures from the depths of my own mind do I ask Why me? But I have learned to be aware of the answer that often comes when the pains of the past come to haunt my mind and that is "why not you? Let it go for your present does not signify anything that your past dictated you would be or would possess; let it go. Have you not yet realized your cries have been heard and your tears have been seen? I have and am here." This has been and is my answer to that question now as well as then whether I ask it silently or aloud.

During this time of self-pity a voice from the depths of darkness has called me from childhood to my adulthood to come to its comfort zone, enticing me with delusions of peace and tranquility while lying in wait like a hunter for his prey. Though sometimes it seems an easy escape my mind is not so easily deceived for there is yet another voice that grabs me like the mountain climber who catches his best friend as he nears the edge and slips. This voice I have often heard as a child as I often wondered why peace and joy had eluded me; this voice on many occasion comforted me in the late hours of the night and early hours of the morning. It is the same comforting voice that often reminds me this day that my past only exists to remind me from whence I came and not to forget those who helped me along the way as I make it to the top of what my purpose here is. I am, I can, I will, not because of who I see me as but because of who I know Him to be.

I Can Make It

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