Sunday, April 20, 2008

Truth about Love

Love has many definitions by many a people but what does it really mean. I have personally found it to mean one thing, unified gathering of emotions geared toward people or a person with an unconditional link. What this means is that no matter how a person looks, how a person talks, walks, what personal choices he/she chooses, the color of their skin, what part of the neighborhood they live, what kind of vehicle they drive, etc. love is geared toward them unconditionally due to the command of Christ.

During the birth of my first two girls I felt the increase of this feeling toward them and my beloved wife. I realized that each time their could have been loss of life and my prayers was to not suffer any loss because the void would have been too great to handle. It was at those times that I personally explored my inner self to inventory just how much I loved the new women in my life as well as the woman I married. But it was during the recent birth of our third daughter that really brought everything home. During her birth some complications occurred which really made me realize just how deep my love is for my wife and family; except for Jesus I love nothing more, not even my own life. True love covers a multitude of faults; no matter what the past brings up it's covered; no matter what rumors may surface it's covered; no matter what the disagreement it's covered; no matter what it's covered with the Love of God.

For my three daughters I will protect them with all the love input within me. They shall feel the love of their dad and not have to go out to find it outside. They shall be raised in it and showered with it so that it is transferred from them to their own families. They shall know what love is and how to show it to all walks of people without suffering humiliation.

This is what love is to me. What is it for you? Life's circumstances just might define it for you.

I Can Make It

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